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Aid to Artisans, Ménaka Mali 2023

In March 2022, CL/ATA partnered with Creative Associate International to implement the 12-month pilot project Artisans for Peace (under the USAID-funded Mali Peacebuilding, Stabilization, and Reconciliation program), that would empower youth and strengthen their ability to resist recruitment by violent extremist organizations due to their productive employment in the craft sector.

Aviva was hired to design and develop a fresh collection of items for five artisan businesses working with 80 young people. One of them was L’Union Locale des Artisans de Ménaka, specializing in jewelry.

Year: 2023

Materials: Wood, Silver, Gemstones, Leather

Aid to Artisans, Art-X Kashmir 2022

Aviva guided the artisans of the Zadibal Papier-Mâché Cluster through creating a modern collection of home decor - with unique shapes, color choices for the international market, and techniques for finishing the items - launched at the Las Vegas Market trade show in July 2022.

Aid to Artisans creates economic opportunities for artisan groups around the world where livelihoods, communities, and craft traditions are marginal or at risk.

Year: 2022

Material: Papier-Mâché

Prosperity Catalyst, Haiti 2020

Prosperity Catalyst provide women-led artisan businesses with the support they need to be successful and sustainable, such as rigorous business training, an investment of materials and equipment to be used for business operations and growth, and the expertise of international designers to elevate the construction and design of products.

Aviva Maya served as a product design and development for their SS 2021 home decor collection, a new line of home goods that have a modern sensibilities and market appeal and still preserve the Haitian art in spirit.

Fanm Limye (Haitian Creole for "Illuminated Women") Collection was launched in Haiti in 2012 to promote the economic empowerment of vulnerable Haitian women. It has grown into a network of small businesses, to produce products for the home.

Year: 2020

Material: Recycled oil barrels

Artisan Business Network, Haiti 2016

The Artisan Business Network is a Haiti-based non-profit organization whose mission is to promote local artisans toward global retail distribution.

Aviva Maya served as a product design and product development for their SS 2015, AW 2015 and AW 2016 home accessories and gifts collection. The challenge was to design and develop a new line of home goods that have a modern sensibilities and market appeal and still preserve the Haitian art in spirit.

Year: 2016

Materials: Soap Stone, Recycled oil barrels, Papier-Mâché

Artisan Business Network, Haiti 2014