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Geneva Ottoman

The Geneva collection is enchanting. Masterful grace abounds in these meticulously sculpted and exquisitely tailored pieces. The Papillon ottoman is fully upholstered, with welt detail. Apron and feet in finished wood. Available in all Donghia standard finishes on walnut wood in light or dark walnut finishes.

Design for Donghia Inc.

Year: 2006


Twist is a chair consisting of a long tube, which can be manipulated in several different ways. The tube becomes a functional seat upon interaction with the sitter or sitters. It can be tied in a knot for lounging or bouncing, encouraging playful discovery and interaction between people.

The top half is a solid color and the bottom is multi-colored, which changes the feeling of the piece depending on it configuration. Magnets at either end allow Twist to be connected in an endless chain.

Production materials: CVD 8” diameter tube, polyethylene foam number 1824, 2” thickness, spandex fabric, ceramic ring magnet 5.25” diameter, rubber/plastic

Production methods: Upholstery



The Peanut Chair is a traditional upholstered piece of furniture with a wood frame. It is a piece that inspires play as rocking chair, but also it takes another shape when turned upside down. The space offers room for storage for magazines or newspapers, and the peanut is a sofa cozy chair for lounging.

Production materials: Plywood, polyurethane foam, fabric

Production methods: Upholstery


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